Last Short Cut for the Fall

Last Short Cut for the Fall

We all now know that summer has entered however short weave styles still have a chance to survive over the next month or so before it becomes too cold to bear that wind on the back of your neck.

Today let’s visit some exotic yet beautiful short styles for hair extensions that will still keep the heads turning before we all have to turn on the heat.

Green finger waves: finger waves itself is a classic look for short styles slicked down completely in the back with a large finger waves on the front, add a Azure Aqua green or indigo color and not even mermaids can compete.

Last Short Cut for the Fall

Bob cut: any Bob cut it all is attractive on site and it’s always the go to style for someone that wants to do a shortcut but doesn’t quite want to cut it short, if you get what I mean. The Bob cut can be a go between short hair and long hair because it leaves you with volume to move around, and serves as a placeholder before you do a shorter cut.

Short asymmetrical Bob: versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the asymmetrical look. It has a volume and bounce as well as curls who can ask for anything more.

The Burgundy Pixie cut: now this cut screams elegance, style And standing out while simultaneously not being what one may call flashy. Especially when accompanied with a very natural looking makeup and soft tone gloss and nails, this kind of look can lift a woman to another level visually.

Those are just a few of the exotic yet elegant short hair styles that we all can take advantage of in the fall before the winter season sends us in to protective styles.