Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Call me vain and shallow, but I can’t imagine life without my hair extensions, they have made such a difference to the way I look and feel.Before extensions, every day was a bad hair day. But not anymore!!! I can Look 10 years younger as These days my hair even manages to look good first thing in the morning (which is a first for me).
My only regret is not having them sooner, but I was afraid they’d ruin my hair (like a lot of us, I’d heard all the bad press about them). Remarkably and much to my amazement, my own hair has benefited since I started wearing them in June 2009.
Far from making it thinner, my own hair looks thicker and healthier and the condition has definitely improved. I can only assume the extensions have put a wall of protection around it, that and fabulous hair products I’m obliged to use on it.
So if you loathe your hair, don’t despair. There’s another solution besides hiding under a hat or wearing a wig. And you don’t have to be a singer, actress or model to qualify!

 Look 10 Years Younger

One thing is for sure, extensions will knock years off you and make you feel fabulous.
A word of warning though, it’s vital you choose the hair brand and salon with great care, after all, those bad rumors didn’t start without good reason! Make sure you find someone highly skilled who applies extensions regularly.
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Choose your brand of hair extensions with care. Ideally, you should buy from a company who sell hair that has been ethically sourced and the hair is top notch quality. Brazilian hair is recognized for being the best quality, it is also the most expensive, but can make you look 10 years younger. In second place is Indian hair and in third Asian. This is simply because Indian and Asian hair extensions have to go through far more severe chemical processes in order for the texture and color to resemble and match up to most hair types and textures.

 Look Younger With Hair Extensions

I did my research thoroughly and found a company who besides using hair that’s ethically sourced they also spoke to me about the condition of my hair and what would be the best to suit my needs. They were also able to recommend a stylist in my local area.  The purpose of this was to make sure my own scalp was healthy first so the hair extensions wouldn’t harm my hair in anyway. So I knew I was in safe hands.
But the real clincher was reading in the national press how this same company were doing wonders for women in recovery from cancer and other hair loss related illnesses. It made me realize I’d be dealing with people who genuinely cared about making all women feel better about themselves. The rest as they say is history.
I’m telling you all this because my hair extensions have made the world of difference to me. I’ve hated my hair all my life and now for the first time ever I love it.
So if you feel the same way, maybe you should consider getting them too. Anyone can look 10 years younger without a doubt, our hair affects the way we feel. When it looks good, we feel good! That’s all there is too it and besides, life’s too short to go through it feeling miserable.


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