How Many Inches Do You Need?

How Many Inches Do You Need?

Now before you ladies get too excited about the title of this article, let’s be very clear from the beginning that we are talking about hair and hair extensions only lol. Now that we’ve got that out of the way we wanted the focal point for this article to be about how many inches do you need when making a hair extensions purchase. Of course, this is all about style, so we’ll have to categorize this blog considering what style you’re going for, let’s get started.

Pixie Cut

We only need about 8 inches of hair extensions considering a Pixie cut style and of course with a Pixie cut even that 8 inches is going to be trimmed and teased to make it even shorter in certain places on the head.

How Many Inches Do You Need?

Bob Cut

A Bob cut is going to need a full 12 to 14 inches of hair for a regular Bob. I would go ahead and say 12 inches is perfect but if you’re doing a Bob that has a slant or a special variation 14 inches is probably best so that once the stylist gets to trimming and styling you won’t be left too short.

Long Bob Cut

I wanted to go ahead and inject the long bob cut because with a long bob we will normally need about 16 inches of hair. This allows plenty of room for styling, curling, cutting while still having a sway to it when one turns her head.

How Many Inches Do You Need?

Mullet Cut

I don’t know why you would even want to consider a mullet cut in the 21st century, however if for some Halloween inspired reason you desired a mullet cut, it would be best for you to choose around 14 to 16 inches of hair.


Considering this is a ponytail to the back of the head, you want enough hair to pull it completely back and allow hair to dangle and swing, you should be able to get that done with 18 to 20 inches of hair.

Barbie Ponytail

Now we’re talking. This is the queen of all ponytails and for this ponytail to work well you must like the sway and slay. Anywhere from 20 to 24 inches of hair will get you a wonderful slay and get you a wonderful sway while wearing this style.

How Many Inches Do You Need?

Half Up Half Down

This unusual style has become iconic in this day and age and can be described by having the front of your hair pulled up into a ponytail, likely a Barbie ponytail at the very top. Then using the back of your hair to completely lay down and rest on your back. Because a lot of hair will be needed to create the Barbie ponytail as well as plenty of hair to create the Cape on back look, you should purchase anywhere from 22 to 24 inches of hair to complete this looks successfully.

Cape down back

We all have grown up looking at this look, it is not only iconic, but it is classic. No bangs are needed with this type of look, you can simply pull all your hair completely to the back and wear it as a Cape and you can do it as short as 18 in, and as long as 30 in of hair. You can even get very provocative and purchase 40 in of hair which will likely land at the back of your knees or calves depending on how short you are.



We couldn’t leave you without a bonus concerning advice and how important length is. When deciding to buy hair that is curly or hair that you need a certain look for, such as barrel curls or crimps which must be done by the stylists, it is very important to purchase her that is much longer than what you think you need. For example, if your normal length is 20 inches to 22 inches, but you want to do a barrel curl style perhaps for a special occasion. It’s highly advisable to go as much as six inches longer to create the look that you want at the length that you want. So, with six inches more instead of grabbing 20 inches you would purchase 26 inches.

That’s all for now, how many inches you got this season?