Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Link Hair Extensions

The world of micro hair extensions is new to us all so let’s dive into it and see exactly what micro hair extensions are and how they can benefit us. Basically, Michael hair extensions are tubes that collectively seal hair extensions together to our natural hair follicles. They are extremely small and don’t require any glue or thread to sew them in and because they are installed on the entire head, they look extremely natural.

The pros of micro hair extensions are that they are extremely easy to install as they take less time in all of the other extension modalities. There is no glue to add and there is no thread to sew in there for no braids or preparation needs to be done.

They are extremely easy to maintenance as they don’t have to be styled, they are installed to behave exactly like your normal hair, so you sleep with them wake up with them work with them and even go to the gym with them. No taking them out at night.

They cannot be detected easily, micro hair extensions have the wonderful ability to be able to blend with the natural hair, meaning someone has to literally go inside of your here and pull apart a section to see the micro extensions as they are extremely close to the roots of the hair. You can wear these very naturally by even wearing an updo without anyone noticing.

No heat is required for micro hair extensions, no blow drying, or flat ironing required whatsoever therefore there is less opportunity to damage your own natural hair. I will note that some women get their hair straightened if they are installing straight micro hair extensions.

Now let’s look at the cons as every hair extension modality has positives and negatives.

Micro hair extensions are for long hair and really cannot be worn for short Pixie cuts or even short Bobs. short hair will allow too much to be seen and therefore they won’t be able to be concealed as well and blend.

They easily freeze. If you have the tendency to sweat a lot in your scalp or you live in an extremely humid environment, the micro hair extensions are not the best choice for you. If your hair is straight and your extensions are freezing it will basically make you look like a long-haired Chihuahua.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

They have to be handled with care. You can easily pull micro hair extensions out if you’re pulling on be here extensions and even pull off some of your own hair out of the roots by doing this. Even when combing and brushing it is important to be very soft and delicate with micro hair extensions to avoid pulling any of the installation out.

Bang for your buck. Michael hair extensions are not cheap they are quite expensive. The installation alone can empty your purse along with the purchasing of the actual hair. When looking for inexpensive and affordable hair extensions, you may want to skip micro hair extensions altogether.

There are other pros and the cons of micro hair extensions. TuneIn tomorrow as we are always posting a new blog every day on everything hair.