What is Mink Brazilian Hair?

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Dynasty Goddess Mink Hair

Brazilian Mink Hair Extensions

Brazilian Mink Brazilian Hair is very similar to raw Brazilian hair. Its very simple, Raw Brazilian hair is from one person , known as (a single hair donor) . 100% Raw Brazilian hair is normally stronger than Brazilian mink hair. Brazilian mink is the same thickness as Raw Brazilian hair however it comes from more than one donor (normally 2 to 3 donors). … Mink Hair is Soft Silky and Luxurious when it is of high grade quality.

Mink Hair Extensions is not a new concept or even anew type of hair. It has actually been around a long time and has an extensive history in the hair products industry. Simply put it is only the discovery of the public that has made mink hair more popular which makes it seem like a new discovery. Often times it is asked if mink hair is the same as raw hair. The answer to this is simply no they are different. They are both human hair , however mink hair is washed, conditioned and a steaming method is used to make the hair softer to the touch and bouncy. A lot like a woman’s hair after she leaves the salon from a wash and press service. Raw hair on the other hand is just that : RAW. It has not been steamed, washed, conditioned or treated at all. This is what in part makes mink hair so much more attractive, because its ready to wear immediately after buying. There are no other steps that are needed to prep it for installation.