Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Forget about diamonds, clip-in extensions have replaced them and become the current girls’ best friend! There’s no limit as to what you can achieve with clip-ins. Regardless of the color, style or length, clip-ins make your desires come true. Not only are they simple, but also require very little effort.  This is probably why many relax  when it comes to taking care of clip-in. Read on to find out how you can play by the rules so that your extensions get to last long.

Sleeping with you clip-in extensions on

It is normal to feel overwhelmed at the end of the day, to the extent of not taking off your make up. The same could apply to clip-ins. Everyone has been there, but then the state of your hair the next morning can be quite a mess! Not taking off your clip-ins before bed can lead to serious matting and tangling which will eventually shorten its lifespan. Instead of just throwing yourself on bed after a long day, get yourself collected, clean off your make up, remove the clip ins and store them safely. You will definitely thank yourself in future for that!

Incorrect wash routine

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Washing hair extensions may seem really simple, but many don’t understand why they need to go through some steps especially when clip-ins are involved. Wash your clip-ins at least once a week if you wear them on a daily basis, otherwise after every 4-5 wears will be fine. Be sure to wash off the entire hair product to cleanse and restore it to its natural texture. After a thorough wash, apply some hair oil and store them safely ready for the next wear.

Give your clip-ins the same care you would give to your hair. Avoid harsh chemicals and remember your hair extensions need as much nutrients as your natural hair. Harsh chemicals deprive your clip-in extensions of their moisture, leaving them worn out and unsuitable for the long term use. Avoid products with alcohol and sulfates as these are the number one damager of natural hair.


Clip-in Extensions



 Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Wrong products

You will be surprised how many disregard the kind of products they should be using on their hair extensions. In as much as the hair has come from a different source and is not anchored on your scalp, it still needs the same care your real hair would have received if not more! Identifying the correct products for your hair will see you wearing your extensions for even more than one year!

Be sure to have your clip-ins installed by an experienced hair specialist if you can’t do the installation by yourself.



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