Oily and Greasy Hair – Best Hair Styles to Wear

Oily and Greasy Hair - Best Hair Styles to Wear

I know the title seems off putting but walk with me ladies. we all know that time is of the essence, especially when you’re juggling children, a house, dinner, and let’s not forget the traffic and a job to work.

So sometimes out here does not get maintenance exactly when it should be coming in those times it has to wait a few days sometimes over a week. In these cases, it’s good to know that there are styles that will accommodate the messy and oily look that we are currently rocking in those moments.

Oily and Greasy Hair

The Teased Messy Ponytail:

With an oily and greasy look, there’s no way you think it would look this good and on purpose at that. This particular hairstyle actually complements the oiliness and the Sheen of the hair that you wear. Normally when I wear this style, I am going out on the town 2A club or to dinner with some of The Dirty is here that you could dream of, but no one would know rocking this baby.

The Slicked Back Bun:

The slicked back bun put the grease and oil to your advantage, how? Simply by slicking it all back but now not allowing the edges to be seen which will really look ratty and frizzy. simply add some Hairspray or gel and brush it all back as smooth and tight as you possibly can. Then use a bun piece at the very top or the very back which is the finishing touch.

Oily and Greasy Hair

Half Topknot:

Oil and grease start at the root of your head and hair first. And it’s best to use this style as soon as you realize that you’re in need of a wash, is really great because it will cover up your roots and keep a stylish look at the same time. You can create a fuller look with hair extensions installed as well.

Braided Headband:

We all know the braided headband style is a very classic style and it’s even used in weddings but when suffering from oily and greasy hair it’s also a great classic go to. Planters is full of braided hairstyles that can give us all inspiration. But on this one I have a cheat code for you instead of using your own hair or even hair extensions to create a fresh braid, simply purchase a braided hair band in your hair color. That way you can brush your hair put on that braided headband and walk right out ready for work or play for that matter.

Enjoy these oily hair tricks, and until next time.