One Hair Wonders

One Hair Wonders

Today we’re going to change things up a bit, and what down memory lane with a bit of nostalgia from the 90s. There’s always a 90s party or a 90s celebration cell we are giving some serious vibes to 90s hairstyles period now hair extensions weren’t as pleasant on the eyes in the 90s as they are today however, they still had their place. So, let’s celebrate the 90s

Color Hair Extensions

In the 90s if you name the color, we wore it. Purple, pink and rainbow. But mostly there was a lot of color streaking in the 90s. It was easy to throw a strip of purple or pink in our hair just as a form of expression or to stand out at a house party, and we all know about 90s house parties.

Butterfly Clip On

now these are old and retired, and to be perfectly honest most of us think they should stay retired. But we all had butterfly clip ONS and exotic colors because it was the style of all styles at the time. Some of us tried to fit his mini clips in her hair as he could and in as many color Berry actions as well. When you’re a teen and you are convinced that you know fashion there’s no stopping you.

One Hair Wonders

Spiky Hair

Once again it was the 90s and clock, hip hop, grudge, allowed us all to where it’s mini spikes with black lipstick as we possibly could stand. These hairstyles even went mainstream with the likes of teen shows like 90210 and even Britney Spears rocking the look.

Cramped Hair Styles

cramping her seem to have go down in the 90s but every now and then I see it around town. Apparently, it is slowly making the comeback of all comebacks and why not. Cramping was always seen as stylish, vivid in adventurous. Beauty supply stores still sell crimpers so if you have yours from way back in the day, don’t throw it out yet. In fact, you’ll find crimpers are much more expensive than they used to be 20 years ago. Imagine a long hair extension looked at about 20 to 22 inches that is entirely crimped. now tell me that won’t make a splash in the pond when arriving on the scene.

One Hair Wonders

Baby Buns

You know we like big buns, lol. But back in the 90s we loved baby buns. We wouldn’t just run two buns like the lady of rage, but we would rock about 6 to 7 baby buns at a time period some of us rocked just as many baby buns as we could fit in our head. It was a sign of the times. Bonds in general are making a comeback however I’m not sure if you’ll be riding down the street in the cab and see a woman with 14 baby buns in her head in 2022. But you never know since the pandemic, I’ve seen stranger things.