Peruvian Hair – Loose Curl

Peruvian Hair , Can I Stay Woke & Wear Hair Weave Too?

Peruvian Hair


I have been a supporter for years of Brazilian hair extensions. Whether it be straight or body wave really didnt matter, Both are great. Then I some how dwindled over to Malaysian deep curl when I got a bit fancy and wanted a different look. I have been hearing about all sorts of hair types for years. Japanese, Bohemian, Dominican, Burmese, Arthurian, as well as Peruvian.


Although most of these names sound exotic, the least thought of was Peruvian. Peruvian hair has come up in conversation occasionally with the slightest bit of interest from me. It just seemed a bit foreign to me and I’ll be honest… I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.

Finally 2 months ago a friend of mind who is a freelance photographer had to travel to Asia for 9 months for a job. She had just purchased a bundle deal of the famous Peruvian loose curl hair she raves about so much. As she was complaining about how she cant wear it in Asia cause she always wears braids when on location for jobs.

I saw an opportunity…….being honest I saw the opportunity to possibly get an early birthday present from a friend. But a good friend would at least offer to buy the hair from her” I thought … so I made her an offer, and after a lot of hesitation of her part she finally settled and sold me the Peruvian hair.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Now I didn’t think much of it at first, just hair extensions from a friend Right?. BOY WAS I WRONG, when I finally got ready for my install I pulled that Peruvian loose curl hair out of the satin bag and I was jealous and mad at the same time. Mad cause I hadn’t looked at it or felt it until that day… and jealous cause now my hair stylist had her hands all through it, complimenting it, talking about the bouncy curls,and soft feel. She even invited a couple other stylist from their stations to come and pet my hair.Yep I got in my feelings about it……


Fast forward , when I left the salon that hair had me on cloud 15……cloud 9 is too low…….it was bouncy, shiny, soft, silky all at the same time….. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and I got a few looks from a group of girls that passed me by twice but didn’t think too much of it….finally they showed up again behind me at the checkout counter. “ your hair is so bomb” while reaching with her hand to begin to touch it. It seemed like her hand was moving in slow motion as my eyes gazed upon its movement.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Apparently my Mr Tee “I PITY THE FOOL THAT TOUCHES MY PERUVIAN HAIR” expression on my face gave her the message to pull that hand back, and surprisingly enough she did….I practically ran out of the store like I had a lottery ticket on my head so no one would take it from me (or try to touch it) and I as I drove home I thought to myself how the few women I know that wear Peruvian hair rarely wear anything else. They pretty much swear by it. And Now I know why… Thanks friend, and thank god for the freelance job you took in Asia.

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