How to Pluck Your Human Hair Wig Like a Pro!

How to Pluck Your Human Hair Wig Like a Pro!

A lot of time, wigs don’t have a natural look out of the box. A bit of plucking might be needed in order for the hairline to resemble your actual one. In addition to that, plucking your wig is a form of customisation. After all, who doesn’t want a wig that looks realistic?

Materials Needed for Plucking Human Hair Wigs

  • The wig itself
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A comb
  • A hot comb
  • Water spray
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Makeup powder

How to Pluck a Human Hair Wig

1.    Bleach the knots

Bleach the knots and allow them to sit for 30 minutes to one hour. Then wash off the bleach and allow the wig to air dry. The best thing about Dynasty Goddess Hair is that almost all of our human hair wigs come pre-plucked, but if you feel like yours needs additional plucking, go ahead!

2.    Part the wig on the right, middle or left part

Choose where you’d like the wig to be parted (ideally where you usually part your natural hair). Generally, the left hairline usually comes a little bit pre-plucked.

3.    Wet the hairline of the wig

Use your spay bottle to wet the area where you shall be plucking.

4.    Pluck out the harsh line of demarcation

Using your pair of tweezers, gently pluck out the line of demarcation. Avoid plucking too much or else you’ll end up with a bald wig. Section the human hair, clip the rest of the hair back and spray water on the sectioning then continue plucking away. It usually makes a huge difference if you randomly move your hand around as opposed to concentrating on one spot. This method is beginner friendly and you should start seeing the harsh line fade away with a few plucks. Tin addition to that, grading effect of this method leaves a realistic, natural look.

5.    Comb out the shedding hair

As you pluck, be sure to comb out the shedding hair as you don’t want it tangled up and getting in your way.

6.    Press down the hairline

You could leave it ta this point, but if your want to pluck the front hairline more, smooth out the hairline first using a hot comb. This gives you an idea of how the end result would look like when styled, and will help you avoid overdoing it.

7.    Define your curls

This is an optional step. For better defined curls, spray water all over your wig so that it is nice and wet. You don’t want it drenched in water though. Then add some muse all over the hair randomly, and comb it into curls. Allow the hair to dry and bring out its defined, soft look.

Depending on the look you are going for or your preference, you could go ahead and cut down the baby hairs. An eyebrow scissors come in handy in this step. Lastly, apply make up powder to the hairline and brush it out to create a contour with the left-over foundation on you brush. It’s as easy as that! Now tell us, are you going to pluck your human hair wi