Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

When it comes to taking a shower with your hair extension on, many ladies usually have a number of concerns. Some include “Is it okay to get my extension wet?”. We want to address all concerns that you may have, just so that we are sure you understand what is needed to maintain the highest quality of your extension.

Just after Installation

Once you tape-in your extension, you will need to give it at least 48 hours if you intend to take a shower with them on. This will allow the extension to hold better hence stay longer. if you need to get them wet within a shorter period, consult your hair stylist to find out if they have any applicable suggestions. Should you need to shower right after your hair appointment, we’d suggest that you move it to a later time. Such investments need to be given the care and attention they need to avoid wasting your time or money.


The frequency of hair wash mainly depends on the type of hair. The ideal number of times would be twice a week unless yours is thick and heavy. For such a type of hair, it is advisable to do it once a week. Should you feel that your scalp is getting too oily, apply dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil. Sulfate-free products are highly recommended as they help in making your hair extension last longer. In addition, you can be sure that your hair’s natural oils won’t be stripped off.

Scrubbing of Hair

Avoid scrubbing your hair, especially on the wefts. Channel your focus on your scalp and the hair just below the extension’s wefts. Vigorous scrubbing might result in loose wefts hence a shortened lifetime. Do not forget to gently apply some conditioner from the mid of your hair strands and all the way to the ends.

In-Shower Conditioner Application

 Should you feel that your hair needs some moisture, do not hesitate to apply some moisture treatment at the bottom of the hair extension, not very close to the scalp. Placing it too close to the scalp may weigh your hair down and result in damaged wefts.

Hair Drying

Avoid brushing through your hair while it is still wet. We highly recommend that you do not flip it upside down or wrap it in a towel. Gently pat, detangle and start working on your hair from the ends upwards. This will make your extensions to last longer and look as vibrant as when you first installed them.


Even though swimming is not part of showering, we have to mention it because there are some water and chlorine involved. A swimming cup would come in handy should you need to go to the gym or happen to be on a vacation and would love to swim. Chlorine damages hair wefts, making them loose. A swimming cap would protect your hair from any harmful chemicals. If you don’t fancy swimming caps and would prefer swimming without one,  do not soak your hair in water for long. Once you get out of the ocean or pool, dry your hair gently as soon as you can.



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