Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments

Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments

Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments


Wanna see a heated debate between two passionate hair stylists?, simply pose the question, “Silk and/or Lace Closure?” It’s almost like stepping inside of a meeting with a discussion on foreign policy with the democrats and republicans. Debates have gone on for hours and hours for the argument on which is better, which has the more flawless install, and which gives the illusion of a more natural hairline or scalp appearance.

Personally, I prefer a lace closure over silk base any day. Even though silk base closures look more natural and “scalp-like”. If you want a more natural appearance with a lace closure all you have to do is simply bleach the knots. You also have the option of using a concealer, foundation or powder to cover the knots if you feel you may damage the hair piece. In my experience lace closures require less skill and know-how than silk closures and you get close to the same results. However, many people still live for and swear by silk closures.

I love the look of silk base closures but I find that they do not lay as flat as lace closures during an install. You also must keep in mind when purchasing any silk closure or lace closure that they all are not created equal and some brands are better than others. You must be careful, and choose a company that has high quality products and hair extensions.

Silk and/or Lace Closure :
No matter if you are installing a silk base closure or lace front closure it is important to follow a few simple guidelines to achieve that flawless and natural hairline or scalp appearance.

Tips On A Flawless Install:
Bleach or conceal the knots if necessary.
Plucking the hair and hairline.
Pluck along the hairline and part to give the install a much more natural look.

Sturdy braid pattern foundation
The braid pattern for the install of the closure should be small and sturdy. The smaller the braids, the flatter the closure will lay.


Silk and/or Lace Closure

Use TENSION when installing.
Tension is the key to making the closure lay flat as possible. Therefore, sturdy braids are extremely imperative when installing silk or lace closures.

Mold/set the closure.
Use a setting foam to lay the hairs on the closure in the proper direction then place under a hooded dryer.

Apply a foundation, powder, or concealer along the part to mimic the scalp and cover the line of demarcation.

USE EDGE CONTROL! It always finishes an install and places the baby hairs perfectly.

With any install using a closure, the hair piece will eventually shift backwards due to new growth. Just like any sew-in or hair style they are not meant to be worn for months and months at a time. However, with the proper install and a trained hair stylists they can be fixed or readjusted.
As far as the debate for which is better, silk base closures or lace closures, it is completely about preference. Whichever one feels better and works better for the look you are seeking, then that’ the one you should use. And no one ever said you have to choose a side and stay there. Use the one the works best for you now and switch it up at a later time.

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  1. Med formis says:

    The difference between the two is that the silk does not come with the holes in the material like the lace but it does come quite thick and does not sit as flat as the lace closure would.

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