Cheap Hair a’int Quality Hair

Cheap Hair a'int Quality Hair , wholesale hair extensions , Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions

Quality Hair a’int Cheap , and Cheap Hair a’int Quality

Now I will assume if you’re reading this that you are into quality hair, I’m not talking about that hair you find at the flea market, matting, tangling, and can only get 1 install out of it….

If you like that kind of hair; PLEASE GET YOUR LIFE!!……

I’m talking about quality hair. Some we find is great quality and others we find is just good, but nothing special. I think its important to note that even virgin hair can have variations in quality. Even one bundle to another bundle can be a little different… think about it ladies.. Is your entire head of hair all the same exact texture?, and Can it be maintained with the exact same care? PROBABLY NOT…. Well human hair is just that,…….. HUMAN… and one woman’s head maybe silky smooth and another woman’s head maybe (not as silky and soft) but still very good.

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Here is the secret, BUY BETTER QUALITY HAIR.

Whether virgin or raw hair, if you stick with a vendor or seller that has a reputation for good to great quality, you cant go wrong. Its like Nike or air Jordan shoes, you buy the shoe cause you like the style, but also because you know it will last and allow you to get enough wear out of them to get your monies worth. Seriously, you pay Nike to do checks and inspections to make sure that you leave your home with 2 shoes and be confident that you will come back with the same 2 shoes, TOGETHER and IN TACT…. It’s the same with hair. Stick with a solid brand, and allow them to keep up with quality control programs that will give you quality hair extensions every time. Yes its true a brand will cost more than the flea market pack hair…. But you can use it over and over again…. Just take care of it…you should get many wears out of it. Plus it takes the worry and time out of replacing your hair every week to 2 weeks.
If budget is an issue most hair companies have major sales and even layaway installment plans for those on a budget. Just invest in you. We all know how much having a polished look can do for our confidence, which can affect our job interview, relationship, or just our own self image. Its 2018 ladies , lets all put away the pack hair, and upgrade for our own pleasure. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful.


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