Sleeping in Your Hair Extension – Is it advisable?

Sleeping in Your Hair Extension - Is it advisable?

Sleeping in Your Hair Extension – Is it advisable?

Did you know that sleeping in your hair extension plays a key role in how your hair looks? Besides that, sleep determines how your body functions and gives your brains enough energy for the next day. Every time you spend precious hours of the night at Slumber-land, your hair, skin and body recuperate. These night hours can also be converted to times for showing your hair and face some extra love, away from the glaring light of the sun’s rays.

If your natural hair is covered in hair extensions, application of special product every night might not be necessary, save for the occasional deep conditioning you do in the shower. However, it is important to ensure that your hair is completely dry before retiring. Going to bed with wet hair leaves it susceptible to friction, causing it to tangle and easily break. You can choose to shower early in the afternoon or right after work so that your hair has enough time to completely dry. As mentioned before, only opt for blow drying when you are in an extreme hurry because the heat from the drier affects both your hair extension and natural hair.


Sleeping in Your Hair Extension

Have your extension in a loose braid

This will reduce tangling and keep your hair in one place. As a result, your hair is protected from split ends due to continuous rubbing as you toss and turn in your bed. It won’t help much if your hair is wet yet in a braid. The two go hand in hand.

The gentle curves that shall have formed the morning after are to die for! This is an easy way to cut down on the time you could have used trying to flat iron your strands into waves. Call it killing two birds with a single stone!

Guard your extension against matting using a satin head wrap or pillowcase

Some prefer having their head covered in a satin scarf while others prefer laying their head on a satin pillowcase every night. The only advantage of using a satin case over a head wrap is the fact that both your face and hair shall be protected from drying.

The roughness experienced by other materials not only strip our hair of its natural moisture, but also leave it matted and dull looking. If you truly love your tresses, you won’t find it hard to go an extra mile just to prove your love! Keep your hair in top shape, maintain its luster and beauty by laying your head on a satin pillowcase every night.

This sounds quite simple, right? We believe so as well, and know your hair extension is worth it. The extra love you show it will go a long way in experiencing vibrant, well-kept hair that has a natural luster. Your hair will love (and thank) you for it. Practice these simple tips and watch your satin pillowcase giving you sweet satin dreams and your hair extension maintaining its naturally beautiful look.

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