Springtime Hair Blowout

Springtime Hair Blowout

Springtime Hair Blowout

OK ladies it is officially March 2022 and it’s time for the springtime hair blow out, that’s right we have all kept our protective styles all winter long, so we can grow long luscious locks that we can break out for the spring season. Now for those that still have some growing to do or got started late with protective styles for the winter, don’t fret as hair extensions, clip-ins, and bundles are always available. It’s never too late to get into your protective styles, just make sure you do it before summer. Below are three protective styles that you could take advantage of for the spring.

Spring Box braids

These can also be referred to as cornrows or Bo Derek braids. Braiding the hair down in this way can help to keep the moisture in and avoid your hair being exposed to the elements of wind, dirt, and sun. This is also a great style to wear if you’re rocking half wigs or full wigs for the spring. Add a stocking cap to it and you’re ready for a full sew in with bundles weft extensions. Remember these must be taken out and re-braided at least every three to five weeks, after all the whole point is to make sure that your hair and scalp are healthy and productive.

Spring Bantu knots

Bantu knots can have some of these similar benefits of box braids by protecting the hair from the elements of wind, sun, and dirt as well as keeping the hair tightly knotted to contain moisture. However, with bantu knots they do not have to be done as often as box braids as they are designed to grow out and develop a completely different style with growth. Bantu knots can also apply pressure on the scalp stimulating it in assisting with growth. It is always a good idea when installing bantu knots to apply hair growth product of some sort and be able to reapply that product infrequently throughout your protective style season.

Spring African twist

Now the African twist style is probably one of the trendiest in recent styles that have all the actors and artists from the music industry clamoring for, because it allows them to be in a protective style that has a natural look but stay subdued aesthetically. Because this style is so loose with A twist instead of a full-on tight braid it does not hold as much moisture, nor does it protect the hair as well as box braids or bantu knots. However, it is very easy to sleep in and because it is not as tightly wound it has a quite relaxed look and relaxed feel onto the scalp. I consider the twists to be a hybrid between protective style and modern style.

Choose any of these three styles to protect your hair through the spring so that you can have something to look forward to for the summer. For those that have kept their hair protected all winter it’s high time you went ahead and enjoyed your summer by exposing your locks to the sun and allowing them to breathe and allow springtime to take over.