straight or curly

This question is exactly like someone asking a girl if she’s conservative or adventurist. It’s also the question we all ask ourselves whenever it’s time for a new hair style, and let’s be honest; you choose the same answer 99 percent of the time. So why ask yourself? Is it variety, curiosity, creativity, or just an indecisive mind? Perhaps it’s even a practice that has gone on so long that it has become a useless paradigm of the mind. So let’s really dissect the choices once and for all and see the advantages and disadvantages of both textures and decide what’s right for you.


Straight hair or otherwise known as Conservative Straight is the go-to hair especially for hair extensions. Trying a new hair company? can’t go wrong with straight. Meeting his parents? Mom can’t be judgy with straight. Even a job interview provokes the conservative move to wear straight hair. Although it is true that no one flinches at straight hair, another perspective could be that NO ONE flinches at straight hair. We all know it’s easy to manage, easier to prep, no tangles which means no matting, and shedding is at a minimal. However how is one to stand out and express a girl’s inner Junoesque. Sure straight is safe, but perhaps that job interviewer isn’t looking for safe. Perhaps they are looming for someone to jazz things up a bit. Even when trying a new hair company, its known amongst us in the hair extensions stylist community that if a hair company has good quality curly hair, then their straight and body wave must be amazing. So we try curl first as a sample to see if we want to continue buying from that hair company. My point here is straight hair is great, BUT we as women have to live a little. Besides we are debased enough buy societies over sexing expectations of beauty. At this point in 2021, it’s our turn.


Alright curly girls calm down. The case that blondes have more fun should also be attributed to deep curl hair. If a woman like myself wants to rebel, it’s in stages. Deep curl is stage one, and the big chop is stage 2. The big chop is a cry out for help so for now were talking about a girl just wanting to spice things up. However the maintenance and wear should be considered. Curly hair is gorgeous, sexy, noticeable, and of course adventurist. But it’s also the most sheading, tangling, take my products wherever I go type a job. Straight hair gives me a break, and a chance to relax, especially a straight short bob. It’s the opportunity to NOT be noticed for the introverts out there. A chance to blend in with very little shedding and lite clean up. Wonder Woman represents curly; swinging from a bolt and giving the world all she’s got with a vengeance. Straight is Lois Lane; dainty, quiet, reserved, smart, and still sure of herself.

With that said maybe we all have a bit of wonder woman and Lois lane in us, with different doses of course. So no matter whether it is straight or curly, we can all affect the world, one strand at a time.

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