Synthetic Hair Types

Synthetic Hair Types

Here at dynasty goddess hair, we’ve been criticized sometimes about only posting articles about the items we sell in support. This article in particular is about two products that we do not sell or have available however we have become painfully aware that our viewers and customers use these products, and in many cases require more information about these products. This one is dedicated to you all.

We already have articles that go into detail about the differences between human hair and synthetic hair. However, most people don’t know that there are several different types of synthetic hair. Mainly synthetic hair has two different qualities and that is, high quality and average quality.

I think we all know by now this incompetent care are fibers that are made from unnatural products like nylon and acrylic. however, it is a little known that Kanekalon hair is supreme quality when it comes to synthetic hair.

Synthetic Hair Types

when dealing with regular synthetic hair we should know that ultimately it is small artificial strands of plastic process to imitate real hair. To do so it comes in a variety of textures, lengths, and colors. But those textures unlike human hair are permanent and cannot be changed.

It’s a low maintenance solution designed to wear in one style and one style only and because it is packed plastic and wear down rather quickly and begin to matt. what stars out is very little maintenance becomes a tremendous amount of maintenance on a daily basis once it begins to do this. Cheapest synthetic wig can cost as little as $9.99.

Kanekalon hair on the other hand is the very best quality that you can find on the market of synthetic. This is mainly because it resists heat which allows it to be straightened and curled. The higher quality gives it a shine that is more like unto human hair along with his texture.

remember this synthetic hair can tangle excessively, particularly when it is in longer lengths. Also remember that this goes for all synthetic hair including the rather expensive kind. The last thing to note is that synthetic hair it’s just that synthetic so human hair products cannot be used on them.

. I hope this helps all of our customers and patrons to learn a little bit more about a product that we all have some interest in.