Synthetic Wigs, The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Synthetic wigs, the good bad and the ugly

Synthetic wigs, the good bad and the ugly. Over the course of my life, I’ve heard good things and bad things about synthetic wigs. The good things are encouraging and liberating, the bad things are frustrating and scary. So, let’s dive into synthetic wigs and see exactly what the good and bad points are as well as shedding some light on weather buying a synthetic wig is a good move in these financial difficult times.

The Good of Synthetic Wigs

The first thing I think it’s important to note about synthetic wigs is that the synthetic wigs of 2022 are not the same material as the synthetic wigs of 1958. Years ago, synthetic wigs were made of plastic and we’re very difficult to manage and to be quite honest just did not look real. Let’s all take into consideration that no matter whether your hair is 100% virgin hair or synthetic you want it to look realistic. The synthetic wigs of today are made with fibers that are synthetic hence the name, but those fibers are made with technologies that hold curls, allow product to be added, and are much more easily manageable than the synthetic wigs of yesterday. Besides these synthetic wigs allow an enormous amount of room to save time when styling.

The truth is that any wig can assist in saving time on styling your hair every morning however when I purchased my first synthetic wig one year ago, I could always count on it being ready to wear 24 hours a day seven days a week. Another positive quality of synthetic wigs is that they are cheaper, much cheaper than virgin hair. I can normally find a good synthetic wig within the price range of $20 to $50. Now you must admit that is a fair and very economical price to pay for a look of any sort in the 21st century. a third positive of synthetic wigs is that they simply stay in place, let’s be completely honest that even if you are working with straight hair many times it needs product and brushing and styling, but not with a synthetic wig.

If I purchase this synthetic wig with straight hair, it will always stay straight, perhaps a little brushing to make it lay correct and then I can walk out of the door.

My third and last positive for synthetics is that they are very consistent. It’s kind of amazing to pay something less expensive for more consistency, however I can purchase the same synthetic wig repeatedly for years and it will always arrive the same. No one can promise this with virgin or remy bundles.

The Bad of Synthetic Wigs

Everything has positives and negatives, and one of the negatives of some synthetic wigs is that they simply do not look real. Even though we get synthetic it’s still very important to remember that good quality can always be seen by the human eye. That includes wigs that are made with synthetic materials. The second negative of synthetics is that they do not last for long periods of time. That 20 to $50 that you spend on a synthetic wig is great once you spend it, however depending on the quality of the wig it may only last one month or two months, high-quality synthetic wigs can last as much as six months and normally cost a little more, but it’s worth it. The third negative is of synthetic wigs versus human hair wigs and bundles is simply that the look that you purchase is set in stone.

If you had bundles, you could uninstall them and reinstall them creating a completely different style. You can dye the bundles and even die them back to the original color, along with curling them into barrel curls or straight styles. Synthetics are simple in that you see what you get, but there will be no extra. This is the reason why huge fans of synthetic wigs own 7 to 10 wigs at any given time and change them out according to the style they feel like wearing that day or that week. I personally find enjoyment in rotating using a synthetic wig as well as bundles to stay within my budget when I don’t want to do an install and turn right back around and have a stylist do it install of virgin hair bundles on any given month. This way I stay versatile and economical.

There you have it ladies I hope this article gave you some insight and made you think of the possibility of at least trying a synthetic wig, if you get a good quality one, I promise you won’t be disappointed.