Take Care of Your Natural Curly Hair During Winter with These 6 Tips

Take Care of Your Natural Curly Hair During Winter with These 6 Tips

Take Care of Your Natural Curly Hair During Winter with These 6 Tips

It is vital to moisturize your curls always, as natural curly hairs are typically dry. The dry and cold air of winter does not help matters too.

We will be sharing six suggestions on natural hair care that will help you scale through the winter season while keeping your hair moisturized, free form with, and also take care of brittle tresses.

  1. Twice A Week Deep Conditioning

With deep conditioning, ingredients that are beneficial to your hair’s health penetrate deeply into the hair’s shaft and enhance luster, moisture, and growth. Apply your preferred deep conditioner thoroughly throughout every section and length of your hair. After the application, allow it to stay for up to 29 minutes.

Product Spotlight: one product naturalists are fond of is the Camile Rose Natural Algae Renew Deep Conditioner.  Its ingredients include cocoa butter, blue-green algae, and mango butter, which will strengthen and moisturize your hair and also keep them free from breakage.

  1. Employ Steam Treatment

When you do a steam treatment, all the follicles of your hair are opened up for easier penetration of the ingredients into the shaft. This way, you get all the benefits your deep conditioner has to offer. Steam treatment is very relaxing and also great for locks. You need to stay for approximately 20 minutes under the hair steamer to properly steam your hair. And if a hair steamer is not available, you can make use of the shower to heat your hair before applying the deep conditioner and then rinsing with cold water.

  1. The LOC Approach

When you use the LOC approach when styling your hair, you are sure to have moisturized hair all week long. The LOC approach involves three processes, which are a perfect combination against the dryness of winter. These three processes are a live-in conditioner which continually hydrates, a moisture sealing oil, and cream to define.

Styling Tip: When you use products of the same brand, you get a better result. This is because the products will be made to complement each other. But if your preferred products are from different brands, then you should check their compatibility before using them. This test can be done by rubbing little of each product together to see if they crumble. If they do, then there is a high probability that the mixture of those products won’t work on your hair.

  1. Sleep in Satin

Cotton pillowcases are damaging to your hair, and sleeping in them can result in hair breakage. If you are the type whose hair breaks often, then it could be because of your cotton pillowcase. Satin pillowcases or satin bonnet are a better option for good hair growth and maintenance. They do not cause friction, dryness or frizz, and so leave your hair looking fresh all week long.

  1. For Dry Scalp Use Black Castor Oil

Most hair naturalists prefer lightweight oil options to thicker ones, whereas the Jamaican black Castor Oil relieves dry and itchy scalp wonderfully. Daily massaging of the oil into your scalp will enhance your hair growth, especially if you are losing hair.

  1. Eat Good Food and Take Water

The type of food you consume directly affects your body and your hair. Always consume healthy food with enough vegetables and fruits. The nutrients and vitamins in those meals are very beneficial to your curls and will promote their growth, make them shine, and keep them moisturized. You should also take enough water and opt for smoothies or fresh juice instead of sodas when you feel like taking sweet drinks.

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