The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

If you have ever experienced dandruff, you can acknowledge that getting it to go away is not a walk in the park. You may have tried out a dozen of shampoos, creams, greases, and conditioners that gave you the hope of sorting you out. Just like most people suffering from dandruff, this product may not have been of much help to you. Perhaps these products have been tailor-made for a different kind of dandruff, which may not be the one you have. Since there are different types of dandruff, understanding the difference and their causes will play a key role in helping you finally get rid of them for good.

Dandruff Caused by Fungal Growth 

Mainly caused by unbalanced scalp pH and oiliness, this type of dandruff may be regarded as a chronic condition. It can also be caused by an allergic reaction of your scalp to the kind of products that you use or poor cleansing habits. Try out natural remedies, switch conditioners, shampoos or the styling products that you use. Even though sulfates create a foam during shampooing, it is not necessarily for cleansing your scalp. You could be among the many who are allergic to such chemicals.

Caused by a Dry Scalp

When the skin on your scalp is literally parched and dry, it is bound to flake and fall off, resulting in dandruff. Such a kind of dandruff is common with people whose hair is curlier, drier and have a tight scalp. Hydration and moisturization should be the best friends of such people. Go slow on chemical treatments such as dyes and relaxers as they tend to strip your hair of its natural moisture. In addition hydrate from the inside by taking lots of water (8 glasses a day are recommended) and wait for your hair and skin to thank you!

Stay away from shampoos containing sulfates as this ingredient is among the number one reason for hair become dry and stiff. Massage your hair with a few drops of peppermint oil to activate blood circulation to the scalp. As a result, your scalp will receive oxygen and nutrients that will contribute to its hydration.

Dandruff Caused by Product Buildup

This is probably the most common type of dandruff. When someone with an otherwise healthy scalp and mane piles up styling products, for example layering serum on top of wrap lotion on top of hairspray on top of scalp oil and so on. Dandruff of this kind is more likely to be in form of tiny balls of dirt and less like flakes. Since these products attract and trap a lot of dust, such tiny balls are usually brownish in color. This kind of dandruff usually appears when the hair is in need of a wash and is sporadic in nature.

To get rid of dandruff caused by product build-up, regularly wash your hair and reduce the number of styling products you use on your hair to a maximum of 3.

Many queens tend to associate all types of dandruff to a dry scalp and end up piling hair oils in an attempt to compensate. Others believe that it is due to oiliness or product buildup and end up stripping their hair of its moisture by the use of astringent cleansers. Little do they realize that there are different types of dandruff and each needs a unique kind of treatment. That’s why you need to understand the kind of dandruff your hair has, so that you kind apply the correct remedy to it!


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