The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions


The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions

What do you do when you suddenly discover that the mop of hair you had always prided yourself on has slowly started thinning? Grit your teeth and prepare to face the fact that you are no longer turning heads? Or try and do something about it?  Get the 3 wonders of hair extensions as Modern cosmetic methods can now help you retain your youthful looks if you are prepared to spend a little money and time. You can, of course, buy yourself a wig, but it maybe difficult to hide this appendage from suspicious eyes. What you could try instead is a course of hair extension. Want to know what this entails? We’ll try and give you an idea about the basics of this procedure in this article.
Hair Extension basically involves attaching real or synthetic hair to a person’s own hair so that he or she appears to be blessed with a thicker and fuller growth than is actually the case.
There are several different types of hair extension methods that you can choose from and we would like to tell you about these.

The 3 Wonders of hair extensions

First, there is a procedure where the additional hair is attached to the real hair by means of a bonding substance such as glue. This bonding agent is applied to a person’s actual hair and then the hair extensions are attached to the original crop. Although the method appears to be basic, it can be very effective when carried out professionally, and people will be unable to make out that part of your hair is not your own. However, some bonding agents can be harmful to your skin so it is essential to check out this aspect with your stylist.
A second method of extension is the clip-on variety. It’s exactly as the name suggests where the additional hair is clipped into a person’s natural hair. The benefit of this procedure is that one can remove the hair extensions whenever one wants. You can thus sport a different hairstyle whenever you feel your usual one is becoming boring.
Finally, there is the “weaved or sew-in” method of hair extension. This process entails actually sewing the hair extension into a person’s natural hair. The original hair is weaved around various threads thus creating a track after which the hair extension or weft is sewn in. The overall effect can be extremely natural and it would be almost impossible for an onlooker to figure out that part of the hair is not real.
These  are just a few of the ways in which you can have extensions done. You will have to choose what material you would prefer for your extended hair as there are several alternatives. But we will discuss this aspect in our next article.


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