The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

If you have thin hair, perhaps the biggest question you have been asking yourself is whether you can wear clip-in extensions. I can identify with that longing that never goes away, the desire to try new looks. With thin hair being the least ideal canvas, one ends up sleeking back the hair and going about their everyday activities. Girls with thin hair deserve a chance to enjoy the versatility that comes with clip-ins too! Incorporating clip-in extensions would mean shaking hands with gorgeous hair and kissing thin, boring hair goodbye. However, for one to enjoy a seamless illusion, it is important that they follow the steps outlined below.

A Step by Step guide to seamlessly blending your clip-in hair extensions

  1. Go for the correct extension

Selecting an appropriate hair type goes a long way into disguising extensions as our natural hair. Choosing the ideal thickness also helps in having the extensions lie flat once installed. You are free to choose from thin, medium or thick types.

The texture of your clip-in extension helps in matching with the texture of your natural hair. since we will be trying to achieve styles that are suitable with our hair types, it is important to pay attention to the type of texture you go for.

  1. Establish the ideal zone

The perfect hiding spot will allow your natural hair to lie flat after installation. You might have to play around with your clip-in before finally getting the best spot. Since your hair is thin, you should avoid placing it on the highest point of your head.  To easily establish the ideal installation point, draw an imaginary line from the area behind your left ear to the right. You clip-in extensions should go to the area below this line.

  1. Installation of wefts

Do not apply your extensions too close to the roots, as this area experiences the most movement and it may be hard to conceal them. Do not force all the clips into your hair, as this counteracts the look you will be trying o achieve. Strategically place the wefts to avoid the embarrassment that comes with having to explain to people that it wasn’t your natural hair after all.

Thin hair means a lot of slippages. To counter this problem, you might need to create a solid base by lightly spraying some dry shampoo or hairspray. This helps in achieving a secure hold and leaves you worry free!

  1. Blend it in

To have an appealing finish, you’ll need to style the extension together with your natural hair. For example, when using a flat iron, wrap a section of hair that includes both your natural hair and extension. This leaves it flowing nicely and looking sleek.

It’s time to flaunt it!

Having thin hair no longer needs to worry you. Clip in extensions helps you switch up your look and enjoy the faux pas you have always longed for. You will now have endless ways to enjoy gorgeous looks with your newly added volume and length.



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