The Least Damaging Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

The Least Damaging Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

The Least Damaging Hair Extensions for Thin Hair


If you have thin or fine hair, you may have heard about how hard it is to install natural looking extension on your hair.


You may also have been told that hair extensions will actually damage your hair.


The thing is, not all of us are blessed with long, thick hair.


If anything, many women find their hair to be too fine or thin. So, does this mean you can’t use extensions for thin hair to switch up your look? No! All you need to do is identify the extensions that will perfectly blend with your hair, as well as the installation style that will cause the least damage if any.


Will Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Let’s cut the chase: hair extensions are not supposed to damage your hair.


If installed professionally, they are safe to use. However fusion hair extensions might damage your hair should they be installed incorrectly. This is because fusion hair extensions, also called pre-bonded extensions, are installed by melting some glue to your hair by the use of a hot tool.


Basically, hair extensions should not damage your hair. This includes the fusion hair extensions for thin hair. But if installed wrongly, hair extensions will definitely damage your hair.


So, what’s the way forward?


I would advise that you go with hair extensions that will not damage your hair regardless of whether they are installed by a seasoned stylist or not. This Guarantees you peace of mind even if you haven’t tried that hair stylist before.


Recommended Hair Extensions for Thin Hair


There are two options to choose from:


  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Tape-in hair extensions


The difference between clip-in and tape-ins is that tape-in extensions are temporary whereas clip-in extensions are permanent.


Clip-in extensions can be installed by yourself without the help of a hairdresser. You simply part your hair, open the clips and attach them on your hair. They come in handy on occasions when you need to instantly switch up your look without having to pay your stylist a visit.


Tape-in extensions for thin hair on the other hand, must be installed by a seasoned stylist. They are a bit expensive that tape ins, but at least they can be kept in 24/7. Tape-ins can last for months if well taken care of and they are highly recommended for thin hair.


Initially, tape-in extensions were designed for women with thin or fine hair. Before then, hair extensions were basic hair wefts that were sewn into a woman’s hair. As Caucasian hair was found to be a bit different, sewing in extensions wasn’t working very well. New hair extension types were therefore introduced. These included clip-ins and tape-ins.


Right now, hair extensions are used by almost every woman that wishes to switch up their look.


Just to recap, the least damaging hair extension for thin and fine hair would be the clip-ins (for temporary use) and the tape-ins (for permanent use).


Both of these will simply not damage your hair. What’s more, these options will allow your natural hair to flourish and no one will detect the extensions!


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