The Truth About Brazilian Hair Bundles

The Truth About Brazilian Hair Bundles

The Truth About Brazilian Hair Bundles

Over the years, we have had several clients ask us about Brazilian hair and if it would be cheaper to buy it from there. The truth is, many women do not know much about hair extensions, and if someone is just starting their hair extension journey, it can be quite confusing. This is why we decided to share some of the most important things you should know about Brazilian hair bundles before investing your hard-earned money. Are you ready? Let’s go:

Brazilian hair bundles do not come from Brazil!

Anyone born in Brazil will tell you that it is not part of the Brazilian culture for women to donate or sell their hair. Yes, you read that right! What’s more, Brazilian hair sold around the world contributes to only 0.74% of the market. As you can see, the chances that Brazilian hair bundles come from Brazil are very minimal! The same applies to Malaysian and Peruvian hair. I know you probably are wondering…so, where does the hair come from? The hair from comes Asia! Asia is one of the continents that has incorporated the practice of donating or selling hair into their culture.

Brazilian hair is just used to refer to a “category name”

Brazillian hair is a bit thicker and more flexible, hence the reason why it can be used to achieve various styles. Peruvian hair, on the other hand, is sleeker and a bit more expensive. Malaysian hair is associated with curls most of the time. As you can see, these names are just used to distinguish the hair based on its features, and not based on where it comes from!

You should be able to easily dye your Brazilian hair bundles

Every legit human hair, Brazilian included, should effortlessly take in dye. Brazilian hair with unaligned cuticles will have perfect dyeing results with medium to bright colors, whereas strands with perfectly aligned cuticles would be ideal for light colors, such as platinum blond.

No Brazillian hair bundles are 100% shedding or tangling-free

No hair, including your own natural hair, is shedding-free. Shedding is a normal and natural process. On average, every person loses 50 to 100 strands on a given day. It is also normal for natural hair to tangle. You should be looking out for how easy (or hard) it is to untangle the hair.


Brazilian hair bundles, just like natural hair, should possess the same strengths and weaknesses any natural, healthy hair has. No hair is 100% perfect, but it is important to tell the difference in quality before buying.

Feel free to reach out to us should you have any doubts about the Brazilian hair you are about to buy, or if you’d like for us to help you find the best hair for you!