Things to Consider Before Buying a Wig Online

Tips for Buying Natural Looking Wigs

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wig Online

Most people who are buying wigs for the first time tend to get confused about how to choose the best one. The internet has so many options to choose from, leaving them overwhelmed. 

Looking to buy a wig online? This is a must-read!

  • Material

Get an idea of the different cap types and wig fibers that exist. This helps in narrowing down your search.

  • Size

Do you know your head size? A simple soft measuring tape is all you need!

  • Style

Are looking to replace or replicate your current style? Unlike the regular hair cut, wig hair never grows back. There are so many styles to choose from, ranging from the wavy to curly, to straight long weaves. Whichever style you choose, be sure that it’s exactly what you wish to have. 

  • Your face shape

If you intend to switch your style, consider your face shape. Is it oval, square or heart-shaped? A simple google search for “find my face shape” should tell you exactly what face shape you have. Some apps can determine your face shape based on the headshot you upload. These apps also allow you to try different hairstyles using a photo of yourself so that you can get an idea of what to expect. Isn’t that just so cool?

  • Manufacturer

Only buy from authorized resellers that are listed on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Does the online store have a retail location?

Whenever possible, purchase from retailers who have a physical store location. Sometimes, such stores have additional services such as fitting and styling should you purchase the hair from them.

  • Return Policy

Read and understand the return policy before purchasing hair online. A store that provides full refund or exchanges would be ideal. 


Deciding on the type, color and style of the wig to go for can be a daunting process. However, having an idea of the end result eases the process. We hope that these tips make you online shopping experience a beautiful adventure!

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