Tips for Choosing Wholesale Hair Vendors

Choosing Wholesale Hair Vendors

Tips for Choosing Wholesale Hair Vendors

With so many wholesale hair vendors in the market, it can be so hard to decide who among them is ideal for your hair business. Each of them promises heaven, but then how do you gauge whether they’ll meet your business’ needs? Read on to find out!

Factors to consider when choosing  Wholesale Hair Vendors

  1. Their reputation

What does their background check say? What is their practice, and in particular, their hair quality? Familiarize yourself with their order requirements, their customer support and systems.

Do they have cases of customers’ conflicts in the past? How were they addressed? This will give you an idea of what to expect should your goods be sent to the wrong destination or should you receive damaged parcels.

  1. Range of hairs

Do they stock a variety of hair? Will you get all the sizes and colors you intend to stock? Sometimes you’ll realize that some wholesale hair vendors that claim to stock all kinds and colors of hair are just retailers who will sell to you what they buy from the actual Wholesale Hair Vendors.

  1. Delivery

Delivery time cannot be taken lightly. Some wholesale hair vendors will sell you hair but then take too long to make the deliveries. This can negatively impact your business as you cannot keep your customers waiting for too long. Look for a supplier with a fst order process so that your order is quickly fulfilled as soon as you place it.

Tips for Choosing Wholesale Hair Vendors

  1. Return policy

DO they offer full refunds should you be unhappy with the kind of hair you receive? If they don’t have a return policy you may want to check elsewhere, because that’s a sure sign that they are not sure of their products.

  1. Website design

I know this may sound odd, but the quality of their website could be a direct reflection of the quality of their services and their hair. A neglected website is a sure sign that a buyer should be cautious. Thriving wholesale hair vendors will make a quality website their priority because their business lives online! Be careful about sites that look like they have never been updated.

Finding ideal wholesale hair vendors that meet all of the above requirements can be hard. If you are looking for reliable wholesale hair vendors, message us today! We assure you that our hair meets all of the above standards (and more). Give your customers high quality hair and grow your business in partnership with us!

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