Types of Hair Extensions & Making The Best Choice

Types of Hair Extensions & Making The Best Choice

Types of Hair Extensions & Making The Best Choice


Deciding to get hair and the types of extensions is easy, but when it comes to deciding the method you’d like to use to get there, it’s a whole new ballgame. There are several different methods of applying hair extensions that are all quite different from each other, each one bringing it’s own unique pros and cons.

Ready to know what method is best for you? Just keep reading!


  1. Tape-In-Hair-Extensions


As the name suggests, this method uses an adhesive tab to ‘tape’ the extensions to the root of your hair in small sections. Tape-in extensions usually take about an hour to two hours to install, and can be kept in for up to two months when maintained properly.


The Pros

Its application time makes it one of the fastest methods around. Also, no heat or additional tools are needed, making it quite an easy process.

The absence of heat use means that there’s little to no damage to your hair! And of course, tape-ins look super natural.


The Cons

As the adhesive tabs are what bonds the extensions to your hair, keeping them sticky is key to your extensions lasting. This means that for two days after you get this method done, you have to be sure not to wash your hair or sweat excessively while the adhesive sets. Staying away from pools and beaches is also strongly advised.

Oils and silicone products can cause your adhesives to lose grip, making your  extensions slip down.


  1. Weaving


With this method, the hair extension wefts are sewn onto cornrows or braids done on your natural hair. This method is mostly popular with black women, as their thick, curly hair is perfect at hiding the wefts of the extensions from view and helping the style to look more natural.

This method can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete, but once finished, it lasts up to three months with proper care.


The Pros


No type of heat, glue or other adhesive is used, making weaving a gentle method once braids are not done too tightly.

You are also free to use oils and silicone products, as the extensions are so secure that they aren’t likely to come out.

This method lasts quite long, looks natural, and is perfect for added volume.


The Cons


Fine hair and weaving can be a disaster, especially if braids are tight or extensions are heavy enough to cause tension and breakage.

Proper washing and drying is important, as braids that remain wet can grow mold or emit a bad smell.

Your styling options can also be limited by your need to hide the braids/cornrows, which can be quite frustrating if you fancy versatility.


  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions


Who hasn’t heard of clip ins? These wefts come with clips attached to them, which means that you can clip them in yourself.

Clip-ins take ten minutes max to install, and can be taken off at the end of every day.


The Pros


Quick and easy are the first two words that come to mind when discussing the clip in method! It’s the fastest and simplest way to luxurious hair.

Black extensions one day and colorful ones the next? Anything is possible with the freedom of clip ins.


The Cons

Leaving clip ins in for days at a time can cause breakage at the root. Remove them before bed every time!

Clipping in the hair every day can become tiresome to some, who may prefer a one-time application that lasts for months or weeks.


So many methods, so little time!

What matters in the application of your extensions? Durability? Application time? Price range?

No matter your preference, there’s a method that suits your needs. The results will definitely be worth the wait!



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