U-Part Wigs – What Are They?

U-Part Wigs - What Are They?

Today I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at u-part wigs which have been bursting at the seams of the beauty and hair extension world over the last year. These wigs have not only been trending but have been a part of the post COVID beauty era, and I think we should all explore them a bit further and consider making them apart of our experience and or collection.

What Makes a U-part Wig

What makes a U-part wig is the top section of the wig missing in order to allow your natural hair to blend in with the rest of the wig. Imagine the 1980s when men grew their hair all around the sides but left that big ball spot on top, LOL. Needless to say, they would not be able to take advantage of a U-part wig but for us ladies that have plenty of natural hair growing at the top can get a U-Part Wig and allow it to blend and style more seamlessly than the average full lace front wig. Lace fronts have to be put on top and doesn’t allow any natural hair to blend in.

U-part wigs can be very versatile inasmuch that they come in many different textures and lengths. Namely straight, body wave, deep curl and you can even find U-part wigs in water wave. Normally starting at about $95 and can increase in price to as much as $250 for really long deep curl wigs.

U-part Wig Maintenance

U-part wigs are fairly easy to sleep in and can be compared to any normal sewing in installation or lace front wig inasmuch that it’s very important to prepare your hair especially if it’s natural human hair with conditioner and wrapping and protecting it at night. Doing this will ensure that the wig last longer as the better you take care of it the longer it will last. However, U-parts do have a difference from the average lace front wig inasmuch that a U-part wig has to be uninstalled as your hair grows more.

Because the U-part is somewhat of a hybrid using your hair as well as the wig’s hair in styling. As your hair grows out more the style in its entirety will be thrown off because the wig hair is not growing at all. So, at about half an inch to an inch of new growth it’s definitely time to uninstall the U-part wig. And if you’ve taken good care of it protecting it at night and washing and conditioning it you should be able to reinstall it after uninstallation.

It’s vitally important that when you choose a U-part that you choose one of quality, medium to high quality preferred as this will ensure that the hair itself will last longer, look better, and leave you satisfied with your styling each time.