What are Hair Sticks

What are Hair Sticks

I’m not sure if you know about the latest care modality, as there’s always a new hair modality. But one of the ladies is hair sticks so we wanted to go ahead and explain what exactly these sticks are and the different types that are available for us all.

Simply put hair sticks on elongated sticks that keep our hair in place it’s like a hair clip. They can be used to create a variety of hairstyles and come in different sizes as well as shapes. The best animals’ popular hair stick is wood based. They in normally 7 to 8 inches long although they can come longer if special ordered as long sticks are really challenging to find. They can be straight or curvy and can be heavy in weight with a thick circumference or very light and wait for those with thinner hair.

Metal hairs-ticks: yes, there are sticks made of metal, and although that may sound extremely heavy it is not necessarily so. These clear sticks are very elegant and normally used for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation. They are extremely sturdy and based on the material alone are the heaviest of all the hair sticks, however this can be a good thing if your hair is long, we’re very thick and challenging the manage and keep in place.

What Are Hair Sticks

Plastic Hair Sticks: the plastic sticks can come in a variety of loud and vibrant colors and therefore can be coordinated with your wardrobe and make up. These sticks are not the sturdiest however they are great for wet hair looks because they won’t absorb the water and can be used over and over with a simple soft-soap and water washing.

Wood Hair-Sticks: These are the most popular handy most natural out of all the sticks combine. They can be made from different types of wood like African wood or Maple, I’ve even seen them made of walnut and even teak wood. They are lighter weight and quite a bit cheaper than metal hair-sticks however when getting into specialty woods the price can creep up a bit. Because they are wood, they can soak up water and get damaged as well as have poor performance in high humidity climates. This is a big reason why the teakwood here sticks are popular as teak wood does not absorb water naturally and repels humidity.

There you have it, go ahead and Google them or look them up on Amazon and grab you a few and try them out, experiment with a new style and treat yourself.