What are the BEST Hair Extensions

What are the BEST Hair Extensions

Whether we’re just starting out or have been experienced in wearing hair extensions for years, I’m regularly asked what are the best hair extensions. When it’s time for me to answer that question it’s kind of difficult because whoever is asking it normally doesn’t even know the different type of hair extensions that are available, so in this article I will go over the hair extensions that are available so that we can use the process of elimination to get down to the answer to this often-asked question.

Synthetic hair extensions: synthetic hair extensions are made of synthetic fibers and does not resist heat very well at all, there are exceptions to this rule because there are newly sole synthetic hair extensions that are heat resistant and allow you to style them using some heat, however that heat cannot be at the same temperature as real human hair extensions.

The untrained eye really can’t tell the difference between synthetic hair extensions in human hair extensions however any stylist or anyone that is familiar with wearing hair extensions can tell quite easily. They are normally very economical and inexpensive and do not last very long.

The BEST Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions: in short virgin hair extensions are just like human hair extensions however they are an upgraded version. They come directly from the donor’s hair head and are not chemically processed whatsoever. This makes them a lot more durable and allows you to keep them for a longer period of time.

Human hair extensions: human hair extensions are obviously human hair; it needs to be cared for exactly like hair growing out of your own scalp. Washing and conditioning regularly is a requirement to ensure that they last longer. Human hair extensions are the entry level 2 natural non-synthetic hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions: these really are the cream of the crop, they normally come from one donor and all of the cuticles are intact and going in the same direction, which means there will be very little shedding and no tangling whatsoever. These hair extensions can last for years if they’re maintained properly with washing, conditioning, and even her treatments.

Best Hair

Hopefully this will give all of those that ask this question over and over an idea of what type of hair extensions available to the general public. the full answer to the question is simply and irrevocably, it depends. It depends on your budget as well as the desired look that you want. If you have a small budget, then synthetic hair extensions are the best for you. If you don’t plan on wearing hair extensions very often but you want a natural look, human hair extensions would probably be the best for you. Your budget is not an issue, and you want the most glamorous look that you can find then Remy hair extensions are the very best that your hard-earned money came by. Like many things hair extensions are not A1 size or one type fit all. It really depends on your taste, budget, style, and preference.