What is the Ideal Hair Density for your Wig?

What is the Ideal Hair Density for your Wig?


What is the Ideal Hair Density for your Wig?

If you are just starting your journey in the wig life, you have probably come across a lot of term you probably didn’t know existed. Some of them include hair density and hair volume. Do you even know that wigs can be thick or thin? Well, in today’s post, I’ll be discussing about hair density and which one is the best for your wig. Read on to learn more.

Generally, when your wig is too thick it ends up looking unnatural. The ideal selection being the 150% density which I will be talking more about.

What is hair density?

This is the overall thickness of the hair stands on your head. In other words, it refers to how closely held the strands are on the head.

Many women tend to confuse hair density with hair thickness. While density is the number of strands, thickness is the width of the strands.

What you should know about hair density

Most wig wearers tend to focus more on density when selecting hair extensions or wigs. The most popular selections are 130%, 150% and 180%. The 130% density is also referred to as light and it imitates the appearance of natural hair. It is perfect for full lace wigs. The 150% density is medium-light and is the most popular choice. Medium density hair creates a natural look that cannot be detected. The 180% density is medium and preferred by women looking to rock a fuller look.

IS the 150% density Ideal for Wigs?

Yes. This density suits all wig lovers regardless of their gender. It is a perfect mix of thick and thin. Please take note that hair density also determines the base design of wigs. This is why you should check out for vendors whose wigs have been constructed on a base that holds the hair correctly.

Why Choose the 150% Density?

Wigs with this density:

  • Are light
  • Offer great comfort
  • Are easy to wear
  • Look natural
  • Offer great breath-ability, allowing your strands and scalp to breathe.

If you are planning on acquiring your next wig, the 150% density is the best option.


What Factors should You Consider before buying the 150% Density Wig?

  1. The density of your natural hair

How closely packed are your hair strands? This information is important especially if you are going to wear a wig with your natural hair underneath. If your hair I on the thicker scale, a 150% density might not be the best for you. Such a wig looks great on people with thinner or hair wise density is similar to that of the wig.

  1. Length of the wig

The 150% wigs can be worn for up to 20 inches length. Longer than that, we recommend that you get a 180% wigs as they are a perfect choice for this length.

  1. Texture

The texture of hair affects the density and the overall look of the hair. If you intend to wear your wig as a straight one, then go for medium to heavy density.

Generally, the 150% density wig suits anyone. It’s neither too heavy nor too light, making it comfortable and easy to maintain.


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