What You need to know about Hair Texture

What You need to know about Hair Texture , Hair Extensions Stylist Affiliate Program

Hair texture is a big deal, in fact a huge deal if you are wearing hair extensions. Even with natural hair, I’m sure every woman has issues styling their natural hair and the basis of these issues is the texture of hair you were born with. Whether your hair is 4a, 4c, or extra loose curly it v=can be difficult to manage, and don’t get me started on how many of us have 3 or 4 different hair textures on the same 1 head to work with. As for me, my texture is 4a in the front and 4b in the back. Which isn’t as bad as other some ladies out there that have 4 textures to work on and making all those textures look the same at the end of your hair routine IS A NIGHTMARE.

One of the many beauties of wearing hair extensions in 2021 is the fact that you can put your 4a hair in a protective styles by braiding it down and install long silky 1b texture hair using clip ins, tape ins, or wefts.(obviously wigs are a huge hit right now, but that’s a topic for another day). 1b hair is 14 times stronger than 4a hair, which explains why it can be dyed over and over and pressed, hot curled and hot combed and still be useful months later. Let me say it again in a scientific fashion, 1B hair has 14 times the protein strands than 4a hair has. So 1b can take on more stresses and manipulations without breaking off and becoming damaged.

What You need to know about Hair Texture

Now where does the classic 1b hair derive from? Well as 70% of hair extensions are 1b texture, it’s no surprise that most of it comes from the continent of Asia. Let me be clear that it comes from Asia, not necessarily china. Asia has many countries that participate in the hair market including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Korea and China. There are independent studies that record the reasons why people living on the continent of Asia are able to grow hair faster, longer, and with this 1b texture and it mainly highlights that it is the result of diet and environment.

Now I will not go into the details of the Asian diet (which is complex from country to country) or the Asian environment (which is even more complicated from one region to another) However I will note that their strong bonded locks have developed over thousands of years, YES, thousands of years as the average Asian can go back on the heritage over 3,000 years. But enough about Asian history as It’s the texture if the hair that makes it more manageable without perms, presses, or products. This alone is what fuels the desire for 1b textured hair, and thus has created an entire market of hair consumers from the west side of the planet buying from the east side of the planet.

So even if you took on an entire Asian diet and lived in Asia full time ladies, you’d need to be immortal and live a few more thousand years to develop this texture that has left many of us craving for bundles. Take the short cut and just buy good quality bundles and for goodness sake take care of the hair, just as you would if it was growing directly from your scalp

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