What You Need to Know About Using Glycerin in Natural Hair

What You Need to Know About Using Glycerin in Natural Hair

What You Need to Know About Using Glycerin in Natural Hair


Glycerin has a striking resemblance to water when you are looking at it, as it is also an odorless and tasteless liquid. But if you should have a feel of it, you would find that it is thicker than water.

Glycerin is present in almost everything we consume as it is found in up to 60% of our products. It is mostly a constituent of food products and the skin. We will be talking about the reasons for the popularity of glycerine.

What’s So Good About Glycerine?

People have different types of hair, and the approach to which they take care of their hair also differs. for instance, the ability of sulfate to remove product build-up makes some to prefer its usage while others see it as too stripping.

Everybody will agree to the fact that break off are bad for the hair, while moistures are good for the hair and the moisturizing is what glycerin does for the hair.


Moistures are attracted to glycerine. The presence of glycerine in the product you use will cause the moistures in the air to be drawn to your hair. One excellent hydrating hair product which has glycerine as one of its ingredients is the Hydrating Avocado Conditioner.


The thickness and sticky nature of glycerine make all product it is present to have the ability to coat hair, and also makes hair strands to slide over each other. That is why products that contain glycerine make detangling easy. The slippery nature of glycerine is also essential for its friction reduction in hair and its ability to lubricate the hair strand, which will reduce breakage. Flaxseed Gels is a product that provides the necessary slippage as it contains glycerine.



How to Effectively Use Glycerine

Applying hydrating conditioner to your hair after using stripping cleanser to wash it is very important, as the conditioner will help with detangling your hair. It is good practice always to apply moisturizers after you wash your hair. Leave-in conditioners that contain glycerine are good moisturizing options and can serve as a base for gels or stylers used and also as a regular moisturizer.

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