Wholesale Hair Vendors- How to Find One PART 1

Wholesale Hair Vendors- How to Find One PART 1

Wholesale Hair Vendors –
How to Find One PART 1

You’ve decided to start your hair business and you need a wholesale hair vendors. You’ve got your business cards made, chose a great name, waited a couple weeks to get your company logo designed to your liking and you still haven’t found a great wholesale Indian hair vendors. Notice I said great, not good… anyone can find pretty good vendor but a great vendor takes time, patience and focus.
Don’t get frustrated is the first thing you need to remember. I know we all think google has the answers to very question, but THAT’S JUST NOT THE TRUTH. When it comes to the delicacy and competition mind set of hair extensions, there is so much information on google that you can, and probably already have been misinformed.
What you desperately need to know is that it takes the average person 1 year to find the perfect wholesale hair vendors that meets all their needs using google. Now for an above average person, I’m sure it will take less, but its important to note that IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME…. maybe a little, maybe a lot, but some time…

Wholesale Indian Hair Vendors

Its imperative to qualify each and every wholesale vendor you are considering… Can you reach them by phone and email ?… (If you have an emergency order, power could be out at your business or theirs making it difficult to send an email, but phones will normally work). If you cant reach them on both communication options, FORGET IT, and ON TO THE NEXT. Because the day will come when you need to reach someone right away by phone, and if you can’t, your business is stalled until you can.
I have heard horror stories like: waiting 3 weeks with no communication after an order is paid for…don’t be a victim of this.
The next qualifier is Communication. If you’re reading this in USA , I’m sure you speak English. So if English is your only language, Please,Please,Please, make sure you choose a vendor that speaks your language. It doesn’t matter if they are in India, China, Thailand, Russia, Brazil,or Peru. You need to be able to communicate effectively. Ineffective communication will lead to ineffective results and eventually an ineffective business.
NOTE: (This doesn’t apply to you if you are willing to hire and pay a translator) and i do mean PAY a translator. Relying on friends/family that are unpaid and are not partners will put your business in the position to depend on them… YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD ONLY DEPEND ON YOU.
OK, so they have passed the first two qualifiers…. They speak the same language as you do, and you can reach them by email, AND by phone. GREAT!!… Now its time for the biggest test. This is the one that will decide whether you make a profit. or whether this will be another one of those nonprofitable hobbies that your family and friends get benefit from.
The BIG Qualifier is………..
To be Continued in PART 2 of 
Wholesale Indian Hair Vendors- How to Find One.. Stay tuned

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