Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions 101

Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions 101

For years I’ve known that virgin hair extensions have been an essential part of almost every woman’s beauty regime. For many, hair extensions are just as important as makeup or perfume for almost any woman, in any part of the word. Which got me to thinking… Why not start my very own hair extensions company. Not necessarily to get rich, but mainly just to have a little side hustle until I graduate from college.

After doing some research I realized my first steps would be to find a wholesale virgin hair extensions vendor. Which was not as easy as I thought it would be. There are dozens and dozens listed on Google. But the real questions is which one do I trust? I knew I did not want to spend a ton of money testing each company. So I decided to read a ton of reviews and pick the top 3 companies. I ordered hair from each one of the vendors. I tested and wore the hair to figure out which one had the best quality. Although Arjuni Hair was one of the company’s that was better than the other two, the hair was still pretty trashy to me.

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Wholesale Virgin Hair:

Finally, I decided to check with a hair company I had already shopped with see if they offer wholesale options on their products or if they could at least point me in the right direction. I thought about using them mainly, because I knew and trusted the quality of the hair. Luckily for me they offered a wholesale program. Thank God!!! This really made it so much easier for me because, they’re prices were great and they did all the heavy lifting by providing me with options like branding, labeling and packaging for my new and on the rise Hair Extensions line. I was so relieved to discover they were basically like a one stop shop.

Now, the hard part was over! Next, all I had to do was let all the girls I came in contact with on campus know that I had BUNDLES for sale. The hair sold like hot cakes!! I had girls knocking on my dorm room door to buy hair all the time. I felt like I was the ol’ skool candy lady. (If you ever lived in or visited the ghetto, you know what I’m talking about).

During my research I read many stories about how to start Hair Extensions Company. When my peers ask me how I did it, I tell them the most important part is finding a trust worthy hair extensions wholesale supplier is the major key.  Because if the quality of your product is bad, it can ruin your company’s reputation before it even really develops a name for itself.


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  1. gothair says:

    Firѕt of alⅼ I wouⅼd ⅼike to saay terrific blog!
    Ӏ had а quick question which I’d like tο ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to know how you protect yourself
    and profit while selling. I’ve had a tough time with friends trying to get hair for free.
    Any ideas or hints? Cheers!

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