Why Do Tape in Extensions Keep Falling Out?

Why Do Tape in Extensions Keep Falling Out?

Sometimes I hear people complain about their tape hair extensions falling out after using them for some time. If you’ve ever had this experience and share their pain let us, go down the reason why hair extensions then our tape in keep falling out. There are multiple reasons why tape hair extensions fall out and here we will go over the three main reasons.

Oily scalp and oily hair:  when the natural oils in your hair and scalp become excessive it can make it very challenging for tape hair extensions and it’s adhesive to stay intact, and the result is the tape extension sliding downward and completely off of its desired position.

It’s also important to use care when shampooing your hair and treating it so that you do not tug on the hair excessively that might cause it to fall out.

Why Do Tape in Extensions Keep Falling Out?

Excessive product: when using excessive products such as shampoo, hair sprays, hard oil treatments, and toners all of that can build up on the hair and harm the if thesis that makes it very challenging for it to stay in place and be firm to keep a natural look. It is essential to use clarifying shampoo when you are using tape extensions to replace your condition. Conditioners are very slippery and can easily cause your tape extensions to slip out of place.

Bad installation:  the secret to any experience especially when it comes to hair star city installation, for this reason we always suggest that our customers and friends use a license cosmetologist and stylus with a lease three years of experience and good reviews and the took in order to ensure that your installation have a good chance of being fair to very good.

The entire point of Tate pairing extensions is the adhesive staying locked into position and that adhesive needs a good fighting chance by being installed properly. For it to be installed properly it has to be properly secured, a licensed cosmetologist knows exactly how to do this.

On our next article we will dive into how to keep tape hair extensions in place so that they don’t fall out, until then Ladies stay beautiful.