Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don't Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

To be honest, stating that a number of hair extensions that you buy won’t last is an exaggeration. You’d be surprised at how long the cheapest of all extensions can last, should it get proper care and treatment. Having said that, there are still a number that will never meet your standards regardless of the amount of care you give them. If you’ve been regarding your extension’s care more of a chore than a necessity, let’s find out what is bound to happen.

Non-Authentic Human

I can imagine how disappointing it can be chunking out a good amount of money with the intention of acquiring an authentic extensions only to discover it is far from authentic. This is why it is highly advisable to conduct a thorough research before deciding on what (and where to buy. Stalk the company you intend to purchase from, check out their review and get a clear picture of who they really are. Avoid a company that sells hair that’s not authentic like a plague. Even inform your friends of your finding so that they don’t have to go through the trauma.

You haven’t been using sulfate free products

The number one rule in caring for your hair extensions should be the use of proper products. Unhealthy hair product should be the first thing to eliminate. Say a big NO to sulfates ladies. This is among the top chemicals that are going to leave your hair extensions looking dull and worn out.

Your hair extensions have been processed with chemicals.

Buying at a very high price is like buying high valued organic food. Imagine if this food contains chemicals-it won’t make any sense. There are companies that sell human hair extensions that have been processed, essentially depriving the hair the value you are paying for. So, if you are finding it hard to keep your tresses soft and luscious, they might have undergone the chemical processing.

Too much stress on your hair extension

Human hair extensions are pretty much like your natural hair, as they can be dyed, flat ironed, chemically treated and even swam in. This is why they are bound to get damaged due to too much of anything. So if you are ever making salon trips to change its color and then flat ironing it, you better reduce these trips and treat your hair extensions as you would your hair.

Non-Remy quality hair extensions

Even though human hair extensions are meant to be of higher quality than their synthetic counterparts, not all of them are of a good version. You may have noticed a variance in the market price of hair extensions, and this is because of their varying qualities. Better quality comes at an extra cost, and Remy hair tops this list. Remy hair comes with its cuticles intact and is simply the best.

Correct installation plays a key role in the durability of any hair extension. I cannot overemphasize on why it is important to opt for high-quality extensions, hair products, and proper fixing. We have you covered for the first two, and the only role you need to play is the third one! Shop with us if you are looking for high-quality and sulfate free hair care products; you won’t be disappointed.

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