Wigs (Lace Front Wigs)

Wigs (Lace Front Wigs)


With the variety of wigs, you get to find in the market today, selecting the perfect wig for a particular event can be a little confusing. We have the human hair wigs, lace front wigs and other types of wigs for women.

This blog is directed towards making the best choice when going for a lace front wig.

First and foremost, what is a wig?


A wig is a covering for the head that is thoroughly made from either human hairs or animal nail, while some can also be made from synthetic fibers.

What then is a Lace front wig?


The lace front human hair wig is a wig that seeks to create a kind of replica of natural growth of human along the hairline. The lace front wigs are made of high-quality Chinese, India, or even Virgin Remy hairs (whatever your choice might be), where the hairs are tied into a fragile lace base.

Having known what wigs and lace front wigs are, the question of why people wear wigs comes up!


The reasons for wearing wigs vary from individual to individuals

  • In the bid to hide hair loss, some individuals wear wigs. Instead of going for a hair transplant using surgery or hair extension installation which are both expensive, people prefer to go for wigs which are cheaper and less intrusive. Wearing of wigs to cover hair loss is common in cancer patients.
  • To some women, wigs are like apparel. They make use of wigs to change-up their looks and appearance. It’s common in the movie industries for actors and actresses to make use of wigs to portray a certain character.

The reasons above are why people wear wig generally. Now we’ll be discussing why women love the Lace front wigs.


  • Lace frontal provides the wearer with a lot of versatility as needed. It comes in different styles, color and can be styled differently in different ways which add to why people see it as a natural hair because it gives you the natural look.
  • Lace frontal gives a hairline that looks like natural hair mostly for black women. The lace front wigs are designed to blend with the complexion of the skin of the wearer and create a look-alike of the natural hair growth along the hairlines.
  • Lace frontals are long-lasting and extremely durable and this is thanks to the material (lace) used in its making. Amongst a variety of wigs, the Frontal wigs are the best when it comes to a wig being breathable.
  • Lace frontals are difficult to detect because they blend properly and stick properly when clipped. When you wear a Lace front wig, you don’t need to fear about it being detected.
  • The benefit of the Lace frontals is not only limited to your looks, but they also serve as a preventive measure for your natural hair. They help protect your hair against the natural harsh element in the environment and also protect them from the things we do to our hair to get the desired look (Coloring, heating, blowing, etc.).

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