Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

We all know that trends come and go just like wild and crazy colored hair. While some trends stick around for a little longer than we wouldlike, we have other trends that come along and have everybody and their mamas involved. One of the
biggest trends anyone with eyes can see, is the colored hair movement. Rainbow hair, dipped colored
hair and galaxy hair is in full effect right now. You have just about every other mega celebrity
experimenting with unnatural hair colors. Ranging from our favorite celebs such as Kylie Jenner,
Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Keash, and Katy Perry. I could go on and on. And this doesn’t include the dozens of
reality TV stars and popular Instagram models.

Today I pose the question, why has this beauty trend become so popular?

There are many answers to this questions, but I’ve managed to come up with a few of my own.
Wild and crazy colored hair has become a social norm. We can give this credit to the many celebrity that
change their hair color on a daily to weekly bases. We all know that most people like to mimic their
favorite artist or entertainer. Many of us have begun doing this by imitating their style. This is often
done by recreating their hair or wardrobe in some fashion or another.

When I was a kid, for me that was
Aaliyah. I would style my hair like hers and even try to pull off some of her outfits. There is no wonder
you can go to a grocery store or restaurant on any given day and see a young woman with blue, green or
pink hair. We have adapted to making these vivid hair colors apart of our everyday lives.

Trendy Movements

As a youth, there were not many everyday people with unnatural hair colors. If you did see someone
rocking a wild color more than likely they were a hair stylist or lead a gothic / heavy medal type of
lifestyle. It’s crazy how times have changed, right? Listen to this fun fact. Midge Wilson, PhD, Professor
of Psychology at DePaul University described how in the past blonde hair was seen as dull and
unattractive. That is until the hair care product company, Clairol came out with the "Blondes Have More
Fun" ad campaign. Which totally transformed the ever so popular opinion of the color. This made having
blonde hair more acceptable and more exciting.

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Society as a whole makes the major decisions on how we feel about a certain hair color. If a society is
now accepting of colors such as pink, purple, blue or gray hair, it gives the everyday person the courage
to step outside the box and do something that would normally be out of their confront zone.
Social media has also played a major role in the crazed hair color trend. Platforms such as Instagram,
Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest are places where you can view pictures and videos of beautiful hair
colors to get your inspiration. When you see people that look like you, over and over again rocking a hair
color that you have always wanted to try, your inner self says “self, we can rock that hair color too. And
it’s gonna look better on us”.

I know I can’t be the only one who has conversations with myself, right?! lol

Not only that, we always have gone crazy over this trend because many of us want to do something that
will allow us to stand out as an individual. Which can be hard during the internet age.
There are so many reasons the wild and crazy hair color trend is so popular. Tell me some of the reasons
you think colored hair is so trendy right now. I would love to hear from you.

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