Will Lace Wigs Ruin Your Hairline?

Will Lace Wigs Ruin Your Hairline

Will Lace Wigs Ruin Your Hairline?

While lace front wigs have one of the most natural looking appearance, some people claim to experience discomfort and even allergic reactions to their method of application. The tension experienced along the hairline when glue is keeping the wig in position is a surefire way to damage your hairline.

If you have been considering getting lace wigs, read on and we’ll make everything clear. We will even share tips on how to protect your hairline from damage.

The Truth about Lace Wigs in relation to Your Hairline

Human hair lace wigs are made from actual human hair. So let’ have this out of the way: human hair lace wigs do not damage your hair. What causes damage is the improper application methods employed during the installation, followed by an improper uninstall procedure.

Lace wigs need to be attached to your head using an adhesive such as glue. While at it, you need to ensure that the adhesive used is specifically meant for lace wigs. An appropriate adhesive remover should also be used during the uninstall process. The lace wig should only be left on for a few days then removed and cleaned. You hair should also be washed, conditioned and left to dry completely before installing back your wig. A breathable wig cap also goes a long way. If properly installed and uninstalled, lace wigs should not damage your hairline in any way.

So, What Will Damage Your Hairline?

  1. Wearing the incorrect cap wig or cap size damages your edges due to the excessive friction around the perimeter of your head.

Pro tip: Have your cap size measure by a professional and you won’t get it wrong.


  1. Skipping your wash day: No matter how tempting it would be, not shampooing and conditioning your hair as your schedule dictates lead up to product and dust buildup.
  2. Neglecting your hairline: Wig caps not only protect your hair but also make your actual hair lie flat during the installation process. However, if not used correctly, it could lead to breakage or dryness along the hairline. To prevent this, gently slide your cap behind your ears and allow a few of your baby hairs out. You can then use a high quality cap to cover them up.
  3. Constantly using adhesives. If possible, stay away from adhesives to safeguard your hairline.
  4. Use materials that irritate your scalp: this should be of great concern for ladies with sensitive scalp. Synthetic wigs are also not the best choice as they can cause excessive itching and even scalp tenderness.

Permanent Solution: Glue-less Wig

While you can still rock your lace wig and follow guidelines on how to best apply your adhesive, you can skip it all together. Get a wig that does not require the application of an adhesive. Wigs that come with adjustable straps are a perfect choice. The adjustable straps are meant to help you achieve a flawless look while safeguarding your edges even though they may require extra effort during the installation process.

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