Workout Hair Extensions, I Dare You!

Workout Hair Extensions I Dare You!

When we wake up in the morning we naturally gravitate to the idea of preparing our hair to go out in public, even if we’re only going to the gym for a good workout. We think no one will notice but at the same time we think that everyone will notice. As of recent years, we as women have grown out of the idea that we cannot stay fit if we have beautiful hair.

Somehow that ideology was placed in our minds that we had to choose one. We are here today to say out loud that we choose both. If you’re a woman in a gym you’re going to be noticed no matter how big of a hoodie you have on. Wrap that towel around your waist all you want they are still looking at your ***. So, you know they’re going to look at your face, and sometimes you may have to decide whether you want to get hit on or do HIIT training.

Today we’re going to discuss some different hair styles whether hair extensions or natural hair that can be easily put together and take him with you to the gym so that we can look cute and get cut.

Work out Hair Extensions, I Dare You!

Workout Hair Extensions I Dare You!

Straight ponytail:

This is a classic, and a favorite amongst every woman all over the world no matter her nationality, color, or religion. Yes, even the Amish wear ponytails. If you’re a few inches short, you can turn that short ponytail into a long luscious one by just adding a ponytail extension early in the morning right before you head out and even wrapping a cute headband around it. Again, cute, and stylishly cut.

Workout Hair Extensions I Dare You!

Double French braids:

I love these myself comment I wear them all the time this is especially good when you don’t feel like a ponytail or a ponytails annoy you. This gives us a long sporty look with a gorgeous chic independent, yet schoolgirl display.

Work out, I Dare You!


Now the top knot is many times used or mistakenly assumed best girls that wear a top knot aren’t really interested in the boys in the gym if you know what I mean. But the top knot can be a great and lazy way to wrap your hair up so that it’s together and neat. I also tend to think that the topknot says leave me the hell alone while I work out or I’ll hit you with the left hook. But maybe that’s just me. which you can use a ponytail extension on your head and turn it into a top knot and just about 3 minutes flat. This is the type of do that you can literally prepare in the rearview mirror right before you get out of your car. More tips and tricks to come ladies. Stay tuned.