So, You Just Purchased Hair Extensions, What Now?

So You Just Purchased Hair Extensions What Now?

Many of us have purchased hair extensions in our local stores as well as online, however I think very few of us have gone through this steps that we should be careful to go through and I wanted to make sure that we make the proper purchase so that we have a positive experience with the product that is now ours.

First of all, as you already know it’s important for us to purchase our hair from a reputable supplier. Gone are the days of buying hair extensions out the back of the trunk or Abbey local corner store, even Walmart isn’t the best option. So, make sure whatever supplier you choose has some positive reviews, there will always be some negative reviews but as long as there are more positive than negative you should be in good hands


. Next, let’s make sure whatever supplier you choose has a return policy, this is something that is very difficult to find because there is a federal law that prevents suppliers from allowing returns on used her and because of the controversy and possible uncleanliness of a customer touching and handling the hair and then sending it back. because of this most suppliers do not have a return policy at all, which means if you bought the hair, it is now yours. Choosing a supplier with at least a seven day or more return policy will ensure that if you do not like something about be here you received you will not be out of your hard-earned money.

Now that we have found the supplier with plenty of positive hair reviews and in return policy, is very important that you pay attention while pursuing your purchase. Whether you’re doing this in your local store or online, pay attention to exactly what you want as far as length and texture. That’s all you really need to focus on at this point is length and texture. I cannot tell you how many times I have had friends that made an order online and ordered a 12-inch bundle when she meant to order 22-inch bundle, and without a return policy she is stuck with a bundle that she cannot use.

Paying attention to your purchase is vitally important. The same mistake can and has been made even in the local store, we’re friends and associates purchased 20 inches but before they could get home, they realized that they should have purchased 24 inches. If they purchased it from a store that doesn’t allow returns, sorry ma’am there are no returns on this product. So once again pay very close attention to the texture and the length and be sure about what you’re purchasing.


if we follow the steps above, we should finally be at the place where we have our purchase in hand at home. Again, whether you purchased it from your local store or online you finally have it in your hand and it is now your responsibility to ensure that all the steps that you took before are not no and void by taking the next steps to ensure successful install of your hair extensions. Below are the steps from beginning and end from our hair care and maintenance page that will explain exactly what you need to do and even suggest products to use upon arrival of your hair extensions.


First Rule of Hair Extensions Care & Hair Extensions Maintenance, ALWAYS take the time to inspect your bundles before installing. Make sure to LEAVE the bundle intact. You should notice immediately if there are any issues with the hair.

Next, For Hair Extensions Maintenance we suggest protecting your wefts by sealing them prior to installation. This will help to eliminate shedding and increase the durability of your new prized possession.

Lastly, we HIGHLY recommended co-washing (washing hair with a moisturizing conditioner) for all 100% Virgin hair, no matter if its Real Brazilian Hair Extensions or Peruvian Loose Curl Virgin Hair. This step will help with transforming the hair to make it even more gorgeous and luminous. Make sure to Co-Wash the hair BEFORE you make any changes such as coloring or bleaching.

Initial Hair Extensions Care Instructions
Step 1.) Leave Bundles intact
Step 2.) Co-Wash the Hair and Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm to cold water
Step 3.) Scrunch up hair gently to reform curl or wave pattern
Step 4.) Air Dry
Step 5.) Install

Maintaining Your Hair Extensions/ Hair Extensions Maintenance
– The #1 Rule for Hair Extensions Maintenance you must Shampoo at least once a week, using a natural shampoo or shampoo with PH levels no more than 7.
– While shampooing the hair make sure to be gentle and take care not to massage or tangle the hair.
– Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
– Apply conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb.
– Always start with the ends first and work your way up. Avoid any unnecessary rough brushing or combing of the hair.
– Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.
– Avoid alcohol based products to avoid over drying of the hair.
– Avoid product build up by only using the minimum amount of products on the hair.
– Take care to make sure you are keeping your premium hair extensions moisturized.
– We suggest a light leave in conditioner.
– We all know buying hair is an investment, so sealing your hair is your own personal insurance plan. Using a sealant before installing your hair is crucial to prevent shedding. Remember Hair Extensions Care is VERY IMPORTANT!

F.Y.I “Sealing” is the process of locking in the hair at the weft with a sealant–typically a liquid adhesive or glue

Some Wefts Sealants brands we recommend for sealing your hair extensions are:
1. Dritz Fray Check
2. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
3. Easy Track Weft Sealer
4. Never Loose Weft Sealer

Some product brands we recommend for Co-Washing, Shampooing, Conditioning and Moisturizing are:
1. Organix
2. Cantu
3. As I Am
4. TreSemme` Natural
5. Shea Moisture
6. Carol’s Daughter

For curly or wavy hair: Hair wrapping foam helps to get back the pattern. Here are wrapping lotion foam brands we recommend are:
1) Nairobi
2) Bronner Brothers
3) Bb Foam
4) Design Essentials
5) IC Styling Foam

Pro Tip: You may also consider getting a spray bottle and add water + leave in conditioner to help keep your hair moisturized.

Some product brands we recommend for bleaching are:
1. ion Color Brilliance

Follow these directions to the letter and your hair extension experience will be one that is enjoyable for years to come.